Going vegan has never been easier! It’s time to power our working lives through healthy eating.

In our day to day working lives, we often find ourselves having to deal with countless problems, stressful situations, and feeling pulled in many directions from workplace duties. When we finally reach 1 o’clock, many of us jump straight out of our seats, run to our nearest convenience store, and
grab ourselves a meal deal. It’s something we’re all guilty of as they can offer so much; they’re fast, cheap, and have enough fatty and carbohydrate options to satisfy our comfort food desires. But they can often feel us feeling lousy and deflated, wishing we opted for something healthier. The ease of
which we can grab a meal deal, and the busyness of the office and working long hours, can often lead us to neglect our diets as we forget our diets don’t just power our bodies, but they can change our whole mindset.

When we look at what our minds need to thrive, generally we are looking at a whole range of vitamins and minerals. In fact, a lack of B vitamins in particular can lead to our brains sliding in depression, as a 2009 study found. Another concern can be Omega 3 deficiency, which can cause our
cognitive health to rapidly tailspin due to our brains need for fatty acids. Protein is also essential to keep us feeling fuller for longer, and stop our minds drifting to thoughts of our next meal and allow us to focus. Luckily, we live in a time where there are vegan options galore, so let’s take a look at
some of the best vegan choices you can make to ditch the unhealthy office lifestyle.

First off, and it’s an office staple: crisps. Generally providing no particular value to our diets at all, these should be the first out the door. We recommend ditching these in favour of pea snacks or
lentil snacks – crisp style choices but packed full of proteins and fibre, and available in the crisp aisle in most supermarkets. If you want to go a step further, eating smaller portions throughout the day of foods such as pumpkin seeds, dried or fresh berries, fruits and nuts can actually prove more beneficial to brainpower and metabolism than the 3 set meals a day we are accustomed to. This is down to the fact there is a steady flow of nutrients going to your body in the former rather than the peaks and pits of the latter. This grazing diet style could also help to prevent Alzheimer’s and heart disease, as reported by the Irish Times.

Second, when it comes to the bigger meals, you may normally opt for a basic ham sandwich, or a chicken roll covered in fatty mayonnaise. But whilst the general cancer risks associated with meats (particularly processed meat and red meat) has been covered a lot in the media, few outlets talk about the bounty of possible healthy alternatives. Many high street café chains and express supermarkets now stock vegan options a plenty, so why not try a falafel and humous wrap, packed with protein from chickpeas, some vegetable sushi, or even Pret’s Vegan Mac & Greens, made from cauliflower and (you guessed it) leafy greens.

Finally, when it comes to drinks, caffeine is an absolute nightmare for our minds and can really take its toll on mental cognitive function. It’s addictive, meaning once accustomed to it we long for it when we haven’t had it in a while. It also sends our brains into overdrive, leading to , you could try overthinking and potential anxiety. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Why not instead choose the caffeine free Rooibos tea, which has a wealth of health benefits, including anti-inflammatories, making us feel awake and refreshed with no caffeine needed. For a true morning vitamin boost, you can also try fruit and vegetable smoothies, which retain the fibre some sugar-loaded juices lose. If you just can’t seem to shake the coffee, though, then you could try it with plant-based alternatives to milk. Soya milk has a creamy texture as well as protein, whereas rice milk can be used for an energy boost, or almond milk for a nutty flavour.

Many people are turning to plant-based diets in recent years, and it doesn’t only leave us feeling refreshed with a healthy mindset and lifestyle, it also reduces your carbon footprint and helps to save the Amazon rainforest. You can live a truly guilt free life whilst having a better mental outlook.
We say it’s well worth a shot!

Author: Zach Ottaway