About us.

Cloud 9 Minds is a wellness company who aims to help individuals suffering with anxiety.

Our solutions are simple and effective. We provide access to an online membership site which has courses and meditations on calming and relaxation techniques. As well as provide monthly subscription boxes which include products designed to help individuals relax and recharge. 

Yasmin Kadeer

Yasmin started Cloud 9 Minds originally as a platform for individuals suffering anxiety and burnout. She has experienced her own mental health struggles and has experienced diffculties at a previous job because of it. Her main aim is to help individuals who are feeling anxious to feel calm and relaxed.

Yasmin has a degree in Music and Live Events Management, and enjoys conducting paranormal investigations and spending time with her dog Musky in her spare time.

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Sheila Kadeer

Sheila has a background in corporate, having worked for a number of prestigious companies in the IT and telecommunications sector.  She served 7 years in the Police as a front line officer, and as a Specially Trained Officer dealing with victims of serious crime.  She has also worked as a Trainer within the NHS arena training on Mental Health Awareness for Managers.  She is a Mental Health First Aider and is interested in promoting health and wellbeing.  Professional qualifications include a Diploma in Marketing, Diploma in Management Studies, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach and Hypnotherapist.  She is also an ILM accredited coach and mentor and Rewind Technique Practitioner.

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Why we do what we do

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